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Insights Lists

Inside the Insight page, you’ll find the Lists sections, where different sets of lists are available.

There are five dashboards:

  • Time Tracked: See the list of time tracked throughout all tasks;

  • Upcoming tasks: See the list of your upcoming tasks;

  • Upcoming events: See the list of your upcoming events;

  • Tasks done recently: See the latest tasks that have been done;

  • Recent events: See your latest past events;

  • Risks: See the list of your tasks/projects at risk;

  • Expenses: See the list of your expenses by task/projects/type.

When clicking on the selected list dashboard, you’ll be able to break it down even further by choosing the primary and secondary breakdowns.

For instance, you want to see all upcoming tasks broken down primarily by subItems, seeing all of them, and secondarily by skills. Manage these at the breakdown selectors.