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Email to Task

With Planless, you can easily create a recurring task, saving time and ensuring that it’s always included in your plan.

To define a task recurrency, click on more options in the top-right corner of the task details panel and select the Make task recurrent.

You can define the details of your recurrent task:

  • Periodicity: every week, month, or year; once you select the type, you’ll be able to determine when it happens - i.e., every week on Tuesdays and Fridays or the first Monday of every month.

  • Starting date

  • When to finish: You can select a specific date or end after a particular number of repetitions. Note: the maximum number of repetitions is 100.

After defining it, click on the Transform button, and your task will be transformed into a recurrent task with its occurrences as sub-items.

A Clock icon on their left side indicates that it’s a recurrent task or an occurrence of a recurring task. Each occurrence has a number between parentheses in front of its title to show which occurrence number it’s.